Technical Details

Render Engines Compatibility: Cycles/eevee
Requires Displacement: No
Requires UVs: Yes
Processing/Complexity: 1/3
Can be baked: Yes (How to bake materials)


Panel Width: Width of each panel (If the Scale of the material is set to 1 and the width of the panel is 0.5 it will fit 2 times)
Panel Height: Height of each panel (If the Scale of the material is set to 1 and the width of the panel is 0.5 it will fit 2 times)
Metal Color: The color for the metal parts of the panel
Metal Roughness: The roughness for the metal parts of the panel
Ambient Occlusion: Procedural Ambient Occlusion control (This is fake ambient occlusion, created procedurally and not related to the ambient occlusion node)

Panel Type: switches between 2 types of panel (0 or 1)
Border Width: controls the width of the panels
Hex Grid Scale (Panel 0): Hex Grid scale when using panel 0
Cross Width (Panel 1): Cross width when using panel 1
Open Vents (Panel 1): opens and closes the vents when using panel 1
Screw Size: size of the screws in the corner of the panels
Remove Panels: removes/hides the panel
Dirt: Amount of dirt

Activate: on 0 there’s no glass, on 1 it will add a glass to each panel
Color: Glass tint
Roughness: Glass roughness
Transparency: Glass transparency

Blades: Amount of fan blades can be 4, 5 or 6
Color: Fan metal color
Roughness: Fan roughness
Lights Color: Fan lights color
Emission Strength: Fan emission strength
Animate: You can keyframe this parameter to animate the fans
Speed: Multiplies the speed of the fans for the animation
Sync: Fan animation synchronization (0 not synchronized at all, 1 total synchronization)

Scale: overall material scale
Seed: Gives different results using the same parameters
Bump: Multiplier for the bump

Replace Vector (Only visible in the Shader Editor): An input where you can replace the default vector, you can for example plug a UV Map node with a Mapping node or any other texture coordinate.

This is especially useful with materials that require UVs when the surface is not 1:1 ratio and you need to adjust the scale
More about stretched textures & mapping


Render by Sanctus

Render by Sanctus


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