Technical Details

Render Engines Compatibility: Cycles
Requires Displacement: No
Requires UVs: No
Processing/Complexity: 2/3
Can be baked: Yes (How to bake materials)


Paint Color: Paint Color
Paint Metallic: Paint Metallic
Paint Roughness: Paint Roughness
Paint Bump: Paint Bump

Metal Color: Metal Color
Metal Roughness: Metal Roughness
Metal Bump: Metal Bump

Distance: Edge worn distance
Intensity: Edge worn intensity
Worn Texture Scale: Scale of the texture used in the worn edges
Worn Texture Detail (Heavy): Detail for the texture
Worn Texture Seed: Seed for the texture
Bevel Radius: Adds a normal bevel to the edges using BEVEL node

Scratches Amount: Amount of scratches
Scratches Scale: Scale of scratches
Scratches Seed: Scratches seed

Distance: Dirt distance
Texture Scale: Dirt texture scale
Blend: Dirt blending
Intensity: Dirt mask intensity
Value: Dirt mask factor (multiplies up to 1 the mask intensity)
Dirt Color: Dirt color
Dirt Bump: Dirt bump
Only Local: at 0 dirt will form close to other objects, at 1 it will not react to other objects

Rust Activation: Activates rust (0 not active, 1 active)
Rust Progress: A rust progress control
Rust Color1: Rust color 1
Rust Color2: Rust color 2
Rust Roughness: Rust roughness
Rust Texture Scale: Rust texture scale
Rust Seed: Rust seed
Rust Detail (heavy): Rust texture detail
Rust Bump: Rust bump

Scale: Dents texture scale
Seed: Dents seed
Distortion: Dents distortion
Detail (Heavy): Dents detail
Amount: Amount of dents
Dents Bump: Dents bump

Overall Scale: Overall scale (scales all elements in the material)
Replace Vector (Only visible in the Shader Editor): An input where you can replace the default vector, you can for example plug a UV Map node with a Mapping node or any other texture coordinate.

This is especially useful with materials that require UVs when the surface is not 1:1 ratio and you need to adjust the scale
More about stretched textures & mapping


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