v2.7 – August 20, 2023


-Cork – Others – (1) – eevee & cycles
-Pottery – Others – (4) – eevee & cycles
-Smart Plastic: Baking Outputs not connected in some cases resulting in empty bakes.
-Aging Tiles: Added offset parameter to control offset rows of tiles
-Aging Tiles 02: reworked preset
-Asphalt: Added double line option, reworked Asphalt 01, 02 and 03 presets.
-Roof Tiles: Reworked tile shape and all presets.
-sf2 panel: Reworked grid bump to look more realistic.
-Halftonizer: Fixed unconnected node causing wrong pattern angles

GN Tools

-Cable on Surface 3 – Ropes & Cables
-Potions – Containers
-Lighting setups (experimental) – Lighting

Shader Tools
New: Vector Detect Node (if vector 1 is connected, use it, else use vector 2)

Decal tool

-Fixed an issue where decals not visible through transparent materials.


-400+ Materials parameters where reworked to match the new interface (Parameters grouped and collapsed on the addon panel)
-New Favorite system implemented to make most used materials more accessible and improve workflow
-New “My Favorites” folder category containing all favorite materials/assets for fast access.
-New Filter system implemented to help find your desired materials faster and improve workflow. You can now filter by Render Engine, Complexity and Using or not displacement.
-GN Tools now only show the button or buttons that work better for each tool (Add Asset / Apply Asset to Object)
-Material Parameters are now organized in collapsible group menus to simplify and help find the desired controls faster and more efficiently
-Decal Tool now displays the decal controls in the addon panel to give faster and simpler access to the controls.
-GN Tools now display the tool controls in the addon panel for faster and simpler access.
-Material baking was greatly improved:

  • New buttons to add baked textures to the shader editor for quick use
  • bulk save for every baked texture with naming variables
  • bakes are now displayed in collapsible menus by material and all are accessible to create new materials from the baked textures.

-Decal Baking was improved and now bakes the alpha channel to make the mixing with other materials, emission now supports HDR format to bake emissions out of the 0 to 1 value range (needs to be saved in HDR format like EXR).
-Properties: A new option to select the default baking save format was added.
-Properties: An export properties system was implemented to backup your settings (you can export a file with your current settings and favorites and import it back again whenever you want).
-Added discord and Patreon icons to the bottom of the addon panel.
-A new documentation button was added to the top left of the thumbnail to go directly to the documentation of the selected asset (Most GNTools already have documentation, Materials will start to have documentation progressively)
-Improved materials file sizes

v2.6 – June 30, 2023


Smart Metal v3 (non-painted metal) – Metals – (4)
Smart Plastic – Synthetics – (4)
Polyethylene – Synthetics – (4)
Carrara Marble – stones – (1)
Sci-Fi Fabric v1 – fabrics – (4)
Plx Sci-Fi Panel v3 – buildings – (4)
Plx Sci-Fi Fan – buildings (4)
CRT Monitor – effects – (1)
Sand – others – (2)

-Calacatta Marble: Added Subsurface Radius control ✓
-Guatemala Green Marble: Added Subsurface Radius and Roughness control ✓
-Marquina Black Marble: Removed Subsurface control that was not ment to be there and was also not connected and not affecting the material at all. ✓

GN Tools

-Cable on Surface 02 – Ropes and Cables – (1)
-Bookshelf – Furniture – (1)
-Brick Transform – Effects – (1)
-Voxelize – Effects – (1)
-Cloud it – Effects – (1) (experimental – Cycles)

Cable on Surface – Improved endpoints alignment to surface normal ✓
Array on Path – Adapted to new Geometry Nodes, works on curves with multiple separate segments, tilt affects the instances ✓

Decal tool:
-Fixed an OpenGL issue with Mac version of Blender.
-Decals will not affect the Ambient Occlusion making them work correctly with Smart Materials.
-An early beta feature for baking decals was added on the Shader Editor panel of Sanctus Library

Baking Tool
-Baked images can now be added to the shader editor as image texture nodes by pressing a button, also a button to add all baked results at once was added.
-New switch to change from Output to Decal baking was added
-On the Decal baking module you can bake all the decals of the selected object to a single texture that you can later mix with the base material manually. (Beta version will still be improved)

Asset Browser
-Due to recent changes in Blender nodes, Asset Browser version will be only compatible with Blender v3.5+
The addon version will still keep materials compatible with 3.0+ and Geometry Node assets and Decals with 3.5+

v2.5 – April 23, 2023

-Added a new module Decal Tool made with Geometry Nodes to add images as decals to your creations.
-Added 350 texture decals
-Added “Active Material Properties” on the Material Tab of Sanctus Library Panel showing the content of Blender’s material properties tab to access procedural parameters of the material in a faster and simpler way. (Some materials look a bit more confusing because they use multiple shader nodes but it will be cleaned up in future updates. A few materials using very specific functions like requiring to disconnect a node or add an image texture will still need to be accessed from the Shader Node Editor.
-New options to choose if you will be prompted when a material or asset is already present in the blend file where added to the preference options of the addon.

GN Tools

Array Path: Reworked with new nodes, works on multiple splines, aligns correctly curve twist.

v2.4 – March 19, 2023


Filament print(4) – synthetics ✓
Old Cooper (4) – Metals ✓
Old Bronze (4) – Metals ✓
Old Steel (4) – Metals ✓
Old Gold (4) – Metals ✓
Old Metal (4) – Metals ✓
Wood Planks (4) – Wood ✓
Sidewalk (4) – Buildings ✓
Tint Dispersion Glass (8) – Glass ✓
Sandpaper (4) – Others ✓
Concrete (4) – Buildings ✓
Car Paint v3 (4) – synthetics ✓

-Chocolate 3 bump was fixed ✓
-Old Wood planks 4 asset was missing ✓
-old “Concrete” material renamed to “Concrete bformed” (Board Formed)✓
-Smart Metal v2 – Added control to the bevel distance ✓
-Silver, Gold, Steel and Copper metals – fixed roughness output for baking (it was always baking 0 roughness because it was not connected)✓

GN Tools
Cable on Surface fixed rotation of the endpoints.

v2.3 January 31, 2023

Skin – experimental – (1) – ✓
Alien Skin – experimental – (4) – ✓
Icecream – Food – (4) – ✓
Duct Tape – Others – (4) – ✓
Nacre – Others – (4) – ✓
Anti Slip – Buildings – (4) – ✓
Polka Dots – Buildings – (4) – ✓
Plaster Wall – Buildings – (4) – ✓
Egg carton – Doodle – (1) – ✓
Iridescent – Others – (3) – ✓

Iridescent was updated to match the thumbnail and renamed iridescent_01 (others category), 3 new presets were added.

v2.2 November 24, 2022


Hammer Paint (3) – others ✓
Hammered Copper (1) – metals ✓
Modeling Clay (4) – Sinthetics ✓
Carbon Fiber (4) – Sinthetics ✓
Tangerine (1) – doodles ✓
Painted Metal (5) – metals ✓
Rusty Metal (4) – metals ✓
generic wood (4) – wood ✓

Bronze (4) – Added roughness and seed control – ✓
Copper (4) – Added roughness and seed control – ✓
Gold (4) – Added roughness and seed control – ✓
Silver (4) – Added roughness and seed control – ✓
Steel (4) – Added roughness and seed control – ✓
Concrete Plates – Added bump and displacement control ✓
Anodized Aluminium (4) – reduced file size 40% ✓

GN Tools –

Barbed wire – ropes and cables ✓
Twisted Cable – ropes and cables ✓
Cable on Surface – ropes and cables ✓
Turntable sine – tools ✓
Turntable linear – tools ✓
Wireframe – tools ✓


Array on Path
Changed the way it works to make it more intuitive and user friendly. Before we had to assign the tool to the instance we wanted to follow a path, now you assign it to the curve you want to be followed by an object or collection of objects. This way you can duplicate the curve and move it to easily duplicate arrays still be able to change parameters individually.

v2.1 October 27, 2022

New features

-New Geometry Nodes Setups Module (Beta) (Requires Blender 3.2+)
-New icons on the GN Assets to identify is they should be used on Mesh or Curves
-Baking now has resolution presets
-A Samples Control was added to Baking (it was using render settings to define the samples before)
-A Margin Control was added to the Baking tool (if you leave it at auto it will use a 1/32 ratio)
-A new button linking to the User’s Guide was added to the addon panel
-Recommended render engine Warning: Now when you try to assign a Cycles material and you have EEVEE selected as your render engine you will receive a warning. Same if you want to assign an eevee material with Cycles as your render engine selected.
-New import material button to append materials to the blend file without assigning to any object.
-The main panel now has an option to switch between Materials and GN Assets
-New buttons to navigate to the previous and next material/asset was added to the main panel
-New icons on Materials from “Doodle” category to identify on what primitive they should be used

New Materials

Dirt (1) – experimental
Lava (1) – experimental
Planet 01 (1) – experimental
Concrete Plates (1) – Buildings
Rope (1) – Ropes and Cables
Wire Rope (1) – Ropes and Cables
Cable (3) – Ropes and Cables
Cord (2) – Ropes and Cables
Digital Disintegrate (1) – Effects
Smart Metal v2 (4) – Metals
Pumpkin (1) – Doodles

New Geometry Nodes Assets

Circular Array – Tools
Array Path – Tools
Cupcake – Food
Sofa – Furniture
Chains – Others


-Image to Paint material – border was a bit off center, alpha mask now works as intended.
-Fix Smart Metal metallic mask (it was not metallic in some cases), controls were reorganized.
-Fix PU Leather roughness
-Leather had a node that is not compatible with Blender 3.0, now it’s compatible with all Blender 3.0+ versions –
-Baking is now also compatible with Blender 3.0 (it was already working on 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3)


Removed Fur material from experimental category

Known Issues

Geometry Nodes Assets don’t have UVs yet (coming in next update)

v2.00.2 – September 20, 2022

New features

-Materials N-Panel can be hidden from the addon preferences
-A floating menu can be used instead with a custom shortcut set in the addon preferences
-New Baking feature available directly from the Sanctus Library (BETA) – Shader Editor N-Panel
How to bake from Sanctus Library

New tools

Brick Coordinates – Completely reworked, a base nodegroup to create all sorts of tiles and bricks, it can be combined with tools like tile slicer and tile cracks.
sky_01 – World shader group node, plug it on the material output of a world shader.
normal_bake – converts bump output to normal map

New Materials

Led materials(5) – Emission – led_pulse, led_switch, led_hue_gradient, led_spectrum, led_failing (eevee / cycles) – works better with bloom on eevee
Velvet (4) – Fabrics – eevee/cycles
Stone Wall (4) – Buildings – cycles with displacement
Painted Concrete (1) – Buildings – cycles with displacement
Paint Strokes (1) – Toon – eevee
Image to Paint (1) – Others – eevee/cycles (converts photos to paintings)
Anodized Aluminium (4) – Metals – eevee/cycles
PU Leather (1) – Fabrics – eevee/cycles
Perforated (4) – Others – eevee/cycles


-Stylized_Wood_Planks_01 Material had an incorrect material linked
-Tile Slicer Tool had an incorrect calculation that shifted slices to the same side instead of away from the center, added new inputs and outputs to work better with the tiles tools.
-Tile cracks added new inputs and outputs to work better with tiles tools
-Materials affected by Tile Slicer Tool error are also fixed (Desert Stone Tiles set of 4 materials)
-Cells Texture Tool: added a replace vector input and a random color per cell output
-Added baking outputs to every bake compatible material

v2.00.1 – August 21, 2022
New Materials:
Detailed Snow (1) – Water Category
Sponge (4) – Synthetics Category
Stylized Sand / underwater (4) – Stylized Category
Pottery Clay (4) – Others Category
Hamburger Meat (1) – Food Category
Meat Balls (1) – Food Category
Asphalt (4) – Buildings Category
Gems (5) – Stones Category
Desert Stone Tiles (4) – Buildings Category
Old Brick Wall (4) – Buildings Category
Concrete (4) – Buildings Category
Fur/Hair (2) – Experimental Category
Old Painted Planks (4) – Buildings Category

New Tools:
Fur/Hair Texture – Tools/Textures
tile cracks – Tools/Smart Masks
tile slicer – Tools/Smart Masks

Granite Pink: text and coordinates fix
Stone Tiles (4): Added Scale control, great improvement on the way the heights mix to give a more intuitive control of ground/tiles/water.
Fake Caustics and Dispersion Glass: Added IOR control

v2.00.0 – July 21, 2022
New Shader Tools
Coordinates: Brick, Hex, Radial, Checkers, Random, Voxel
Patterns: Art Deco 01, Rings, Truchet 01, Truchet 02
Smart Masks: Edges Detect
Smart Modules: Edge Wear
Textures: Cables, Caustics, Cells, Cloud, Cracks, Dents, Marks, Scratches, Voxel Noise
Utils: RGB to CMYK, Combine CMYK

New Materials
Architectural Glass (9) – Cycles recommended, on eevee the color/tint is not projected
Glass with fake refraction and caustics – Cycles recommended
Hex Tiles (4) – Cycles Displacement
Car Paint 2 (4) – Cycles / eevee
eevee thin glass – eevee only
eevee solid glass – eevee only

-Improved Asset Browser – Now has Categories & Thumbnails
-New icons to help identify a few things about materials

v1.00.7 – July 5, 2022
New Materials:
Aging Tiles (5) – Cycles + Displacement Only
Roof Tiles (4) – Cycles + Displacement Only
Stone Floor (4) – Cycles + Displacement Recommended
Stylized Planks (4) – Cycles + Displacement Recommended
Damaged Cardboard – Cycles + Displacement Recommended

Smart Metal – Fixed dents to reveal the metal underneath the paint

v1.00.6 – June 7, 2022
New Materials:
Car Paint (4) – eevee/cycles
Marble (4): Calacatta, Marquina Black, Travertine, Guatemala Green – eevee and cycles
Stone (4) – eevee/cycles

*Added Asset Browser edition of Sanctus Library, you can download the file on the store where you bought the addon.
How to install the Asset Library version:

v1.00.5 – May 4, 2022
Chainmail – Fixed specular mask (there was a mask making the metal look less real and opaque)

New Materials:
TR4 Resin (4) – Cycles Recommended
Plastic (4)
Cardboard (4)
Foam (4) – Cycles Only

v1.00.4 – April 5, 2022

-New Materials:
Sci-Fi Panels 01 (4)
Sci-Fi Panels 02 (4)
Rubber (4)

-Compatibility with Blender 3.1
-New documentation button on the addon panel

v1.00.3 – March 7, 2022

All materials – Height, tilt and bump limits increased to adapt to a wide range of object scales
Baking: Easy to bake outputs added on almost every material to make baking of procedural textures simple for those who need it.
Reduced the weight of blend files and thumbnail images leading to a significantly smaller addon file size (close to 50% of the original size).
Chocolates – Added 2 nut shapes, Chocolate Coated Nuts control (how many nuts are still covered with chocolate and how many are exposed)
Expanded polystyrene – Reworked surface too look more accurate.
Gold, Bronze, Copper, Silver, Iron – Fixed the scale control on some textures that was not working and Added Bump Control.

New Materials:
Superhero Fabrics (4) – Soap Bubble – Ice (4)

Smart Masks (Beta):
Cracks, Clouds, Edges

Smart Modules (Beta):
Edge Wear

v1.00.1 – February 8, 2022
New Materials:
Chainmail (4)
Herringbone Wood Floor (4)
Chocolate (4)

v1.00.0 – February 4, 2022
First version released with 88 materials


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